POND’s Flawless Radiance Even Tone Facial Foam

Over the next month or two I will be reviewing the POND’S Flawless Radiance™ skin care range.

Please also go check out my reviews on the  the POND’S Gold Radiance range & the POND’S age miracle™ Cell ReGEN™ range to see why I am already a big POND’S fan 😉

Today we’ll be looking at the POND’S Flawless Radiance™ Even Tone Facial Foam:


The new Pond’s Flawless Radiance™ Even Tone Facial Foam contains active ingredients called the GenActiv™ formula, which was specially formulated to reveal a brighter skin appearance for a fresh and luminous complexion.

The GenActiv™ formula actually interacts with your own genes, decreasing the production and dispersion of melanin, accelerating the fading of persistent dark spots and unlocking radiant skin from the source.

This cleansing foam also contains tiny micro beads that help to gently exfoliate your skin – removing unwanted, dead and dull skin cells, while also washing away dirt, oil and impurities – revealing an illuminated and glowing complexion.

While the product is quite active – as in your skin literally feels squeaky clean (and almost weird – but not unpleasant, and only until you get used to it) after using –  it is still very gentle and non-irritating.

As with the  POND’S age miracle™ Cell ReGEN™ Facial Foam slight creamy consistency, but mostly I would describe it as a foamy cleanser.

I am not a big fan of pink as a colour for cosmetic products as I find it a bit old fashioned, but the design of this range is (pleasantly) surprisingly modern, despite the pink 😉

The design of the cleanser tube is identical to the Pond’s cleansers in their other ranges, with a  screw on lid that tightly ‘clips’ into place on the last turn, sealing it airtight, and making it quite sturdy/durable. The lid also has a flat surface, so you can easily stand it up (on the lid) on a counter, shelf or in your bathroom cupboard.

Again, about a pea size amount of product is really more than enough, this facial foam really foams a lot! so the 100ml tube should last a good while, even when using it morning and evening, as advised.


The POND’S Flawless Radiance™ range can be found at department stores and pharmacies like Clicks or Dischem and the 100ml Facial Foam retails for around R54.99-00.

Final Thoughts: The Gold Radiance Revealed Facial Foam still remains my favourite cleanser from POND’S, but that is merely because of my own preference for more of a creamier, rather than foamy cleanser. At the same time, I found that I like to use the Flawless Radiance™ cleanser as an “inbetweener”, to even out my skin tone/colour and to add a little glow to my complexion at any hint of dullness 😉

Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Aerosol Press Pack

This lovely Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Aerosol Press Pack arrived at the ProMakeupMe Studio last week :


With my active lifestyle (dance training 4 times a week – and strength training on the other 3…), Anti-Perspirant is one of the products that I can never have enough of 😉 so I cant wait to start testing this Aerosol!

And I will of course be sharing my experience and findings here with all of you, so do keep an eye out for this review!! xox

Olaplex Press Release

Hi my Beauties!

Just to be clear, I have not yet tried out this product myself, so this is not a review, but this product sounds amazing!! So I wanted to share this  Press Release with you guys 🙂



South Africa welcomes “The Holy Grail for Hair Colour” – OLAPLEX

Pretoria, 17 July 2015 – OLAPLEX, famously known as the “wonder product” is changing lives one salon visit at a time all over the world and it is proud to bring its revolutionary products to South Africans. OLAPLEX is a new salon applied treatment that allows salon clients to go bright & bold and get #Olaplexed to the hair of their dreams with every salon visit.

The South African haircare industry will never be the same again as OLAPLEX begins a completely new chapter in all salon chemical services, particularly colouring and lightening variations. Salon professionals can now transform any hair type into any colour and or lightness imaginable without damaging client’s hair.

In fact, with the help of OLAPLEX No.1 Bond Multiplier and OLAPLEX No.2 Bond Perfector you repair and protect your client’s hair while discovering a whole new world of colour and endless style possibilities. OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector is used at home by your client to maintain their hair’s health in between salon visits.

As chemical processes, particularly colouring or using thermal heated tools, break down disulphide bonds that are essential for hair health, elasticity and strength. OLAPLEX steps in to repair and rebuild these broken disulphide bonds before any damage is done. You can choose to use OLAPLEX as a pre-treatment or alongside colouring or lightening hair or both.

It’s important to remember that OLAPLEX is a single active ingredient free of silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten, and is not tested on animals. Believe it or not, OLAPLEX has been tested on virtually every hair type – Asian, Caucasian, African ethnic groups, previously chemically processed and virgin – and it works with all known salon chemicals services, irrespective of type or brand.

OLAPLEX was designed by scientists Dr Eric Pressly PHD in Materials and Dr Craig Hawker PHD in Chemistry. In December 2014 OLAPLEX was first launched across the USA and worldwide thereafter. In South Africa, the launch is down to Lars Fischer of Hair, Health & Beauty – the largest and most innovative South African company in the distribution of professional hair and beauty products, accessories, equipment and furniture – to market.

The only thing that OLAPLEX changes is everything! Go Blonder • Go Bolder Without Damage or Breakage. Make your client’s Colour Last Longer. The salon revolution has started get your clients #Olaplexed today. Find more info on the Salon Professional page on our website and look for #OlaplexZA on social media.


How to Easily Remove Glitter Polish

A little while back I did a post on how to incorporate loose glitter, or glitter polish as a Nail Art Technique;


So I though it might be a good idea to do a follow up post on how to easy the removal of these stubborn little critters! 😉

If you have used them before, or tried them now, you would know that the normal “put polish remover on a cottol wool ball and wipe wipe wipe” method is not very effective in this instance… To a point where it might even damage your nail, if the frustration doesn’t kill you before that.. ha-ha

But you don’t have to use mountains of cotton wool and litres of polish remover to rub your fingers raw. Just follow these simple steps to make it so much easier on yourself!:

Step 1: Saturate a small piece of cotton wool (the size of your nail) with a nail polish remover that contains acetone. (Yes we all know acetone is not good for you or your nails – but so is too much alcohol, and too much sugar, and too much sun etc. 😉 so as long as its only once in a while, me thinks you’ll be ok :D)


Step 2: Place the soaked piece of cotton wool on your nail and wrap it completely in aluminum foil up to the 1st knuckle.


Step 3: Repeat the process on each of your fingers, until all five are securely wrapped up.


Step 4: Take a heating pad (the ones you heat in the Microwave to keep you warm, or a hot water bottle if you’re still old school) and place it over your nails, and cover with a towel or blanket.


Step 5: Let it sit for about 5-10 min, remove the foil, and then use another (larger) piece of cottonwool soaked in polish remover to remove the smaller piece on each nail in a downwards wiping motion, while removing the glitter polish together with it!

Step 6: Repeat steps one through five on the opposite hand.

Final Tip: Another option to ease the removal, is to use a peel-off base coat, when you plan to use loose glitter or glitter polish. Essence has a very affordable one in their range, and I have also seen many blogposts and YouTube videos on how to make your own using a “white glue or a glue that has a polyvinyl and water base. Please, please do not use super glue!

So I hope you guys find these tips useful!! 😉 I surely have, as I luuuuurve using my bling-bling!! 😉 See you guys again next week! xox

Minnie Mouse Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Art

After completing my Bio Sculpture Gel Training last month, and I couldn’t WAIT to try out my first Nail Art Creation using these products… So here it finally is:


I started off with the usual prep and base gel, and the did 2 layers of – 94 royal red – on all of my nails, with the exception of my index, where I only did a half my nail from a diagonal line downwards across the tip of my nails (also 2 layers):


I then did smaller polka dots on my index tip, and larger polka dots on my pinky, as well as dotted on little “mouse heads” on my ring finger using – 1 French White – And tried my first gel gradient effect with – 68 Rose – over the red on my middle finger & thumb:


Next, I started with the finer details, drawing a string bow on my index, more of a “bowtie” bow on my pinky, and the top of Minnie Mouse’s head and ears on my middle finger using – 2017 Liqourice – :


And then I added the last details, painting a polka dot bow on Minnie’s head again with no 1 & 94, and sealed it all off with my soft gel and top coat.


I am so happy with how it turned out!! So SO Cute!!! ha-ha Don’t you just love it?! 😉

And working with the Bio Sculpture Gel made my life so much easier, cause I didn’t have to wait hours for layers to dry inbetween.. just a quick 10 sec cure after each layer 😀

Hope you guys enjoy this post! See you again next week!! xx

Pink Armor Nail Gel – Product Review

Today I would like to tell you about the Pink Armor Nail Gel from Verimark:


I have heard a lot of good things about, this nail polish, but I am always very sceptical until I have tried something out for myself… ;P

And WOW, did this product live up to its reputation!!

This polish basically has both a treatment, as well as an aesthetic purpose, because it makes your nails look prettier and healthier, while at the same time helping your nails to actually become prettier and healthier 😉

It consists of a Protein rich Keratin formula that protects the nail, while penetrating deep down to repair and strengthen the nail.

It also has optical brighteners that make the white of your nail tips look brighter and make the nail beds look pinker, to bring out your nails’ natural beauty for a flawless look!

Because of all the nail art that I do – which means using stronger polish removers, and using them very often – as well as the super stressful work environment that I have been in for the last year – AND not getting enough sleep on 6 nights out of 7… my nails have really been in a terrible state 😦 They have become very soft and thin, with the top layer constantly splitting from my tips, and this presented the perfect opportunity to test out this product.

And after using it as advised – two coats, once a week – for the last month, I can confidently testify to the wonders of the Pink Armor Nail Gel.

My nails have already started to grow out stronger, and because they are so well protected by the polish, there is less breaking and splitting that takes place.

These are my nails now without anything on them (they still have a lot of ridges, but looking much better than a month ago):


And this is after applying 2 coats of the Pink Armor Nail Gel:


As you can see, it gives a really glossy nail gel finish 😀

What I also liked about this polish, is that it dries really quick, so you can apply your 2 coats really quick, and be able to ‘use’ your hands again not too long after.

The Pink Armor Nail Gel is available at Verimark stores nationwide, or at any store that stock Verimark products, like Macro, Game, or even some Dischems and retails for only R99-00


Final Thoughs: I would most definitely recommend this polish to anyone struggling with weak/dry/splitting nails!! I have already spoiled my mom for mother’s day with one of these little miracles, and plan to recommend it to my nail art customers as a way to rest/feed their nails for eg. one week a month, to keep their natural nails healthy & happy!! 😉

It is also a great alternative for ladies who prefer a natural look (no colour).

Have any of you tried it out yet?! I would love to hear about your experiences?

Nail Art 101 – Gemstones / Rhinestones

This week’s Nail Art “Jewel” – pardon my pun – is Gemstones & Rhinestones.

This nifty little tool is SO versatile – allowing you to add just the simplest touch of Nail Art to your mani..


OR.. create an intricate Work of Art..


And of course everything inbetween 😉

Gemstones & Rhinestones come in many, many different shapes, sizes and colours, which also adds to their versatility:




AND – they are available in many different places.. from the Chinese shop on the corner, to your local Arts & Crafts store, Beads store, Haberdasheries, and of course places that officially sell nail and nail art supplies!!

One of the most used online stores for Nail Art supplies is the Born Pretty store! And I will definitely recommend them if you are an online shopper. They have a wide variety at very reasonable prices.

There are a couple of different ways to attach your gem/rhinestones to your nails, and each have their own positives and negatives:

  1. I prefer using craft glue, because it still allows a slight “movability/flexibility” when it has dried, so the stone doesn’t pop of immediately when you accidentally knock it against something. But it does take quite a while to dry, so you have to be very careful with your nails for a very long time (hours) after applying.
  2. Regular nail polish, like your clear top coat for example. This seals in the stones quite securely, but I have found that it is very hard to NOT trap air bubbles (right against the stone) when you paint over it with your topcoat.
    Tip: Do not use a lot of top coat, rather a thin layer, and sweep it past / down the sides of your stone/s rather than over. (please do share with us if you have any other tips on avoiding those annoying air bubbles?)
  3. And then there is of course Nail Art Rhinestone glue, that is specifically manufactured and sold for this purpose. I have not yet bought or used one of these, so if you have, please do share your experience 😉

Now let’s look at some ideas using gem/rhinestones:

Here I did a Half Moon mani, with a triangular half moon using the negative space technique and some freehand painting and dotting to create the simple lacey pattern. And then I added some Rhinestones on top of that:


Or here I just painted a simple black on all of my nails. And then did a diagonal line down the centre of each nail, using a different rhinestone for each nail:



This was one of my St Paddy’s day designs, where I blinged up the green Cross shapes with some green rhinestones:


I also loved this simple idea for toes, and will definitely be trying it soon 😉


So there you go! A lovely little nail art tool/technique that you can use for adding just a touch of glam to your mani, or to go wiiiiiild!! 😉 ha-ha-ha

DIY Nail Whitening Treatments

Main Image

I don’t know about you guys, but even when I am very diligent, and ALWAYS use a clear base coat before I apply my colour/s – to prevent the staining of my nails – constant wear of dark coloured nail polish inevitably eventually leaves me with some yellowing of my nails.

And although no one can see these yellow stains while I am wearing my bright coloured polishes, it becomes a problem when I want to do a lighter or a French Mani

So here are a couple of DIY nail whitening treatments that I have tried out:

My preferred method is a Lemon juice and Baking Soda Paste:

Image 1


  • Lemon juice – one and a half tablespoons
  • Baking soda – one and a half tablespoons (or add more until you get a thick enough paste)


  1. Remove all nail polish from your nails
  2. Wash and then soak your nails in luke-warm soapy water for about 10 to 15 minutes and dry with a clean towel.
  3. Use a cotton bud to apply some petroleum jelly (vaseline) to the area around your finger nails, and your cuticles.
  4. Use a small bowl and add your lemon juice and baking soda together to form a thickish paste.
  5. Use some cotton buds to apply the paste on top of your nails as well as under your nail tips, and leave it on for about 5min before rinsing thoroughly.
  6. Apply your preferred cuticle oil on yours nails and cuticles and finish off with a nourishing hand moisturiser.

Repeat this treatment once a week for best results, until your nails are back to its natural bright white 😉


Another option is to use Hydrogen Peroxide with your Baking Soda, instead of the Lemon Juice



  • Hydrogen peroxide one tablespoon
  • Baking powder 3 tablespoons


  1. Remove all nail polish from your nails
  2. Wash and then soak your nails in luke-warm soapy water for about 10 to 15 minutes and dry with a clean towel.
  3. Use a cotton bud to apply some petroleum jelly (vaseline) to the area around your finger nails, and your cuticles.
  4. Use a small bowl and add your hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together to form a thickish paste.
  5. Use some cotton buds to apply the paste on top of your nails as well as under your nail tips, and leave it on for about 2-4min before rinsing thoroughly.
  6. Apply your preferred cuticle oil on yours nails and cuticles and finish off with a nourishing hand moisturiser

Again, repeat this treatment once a week for best results, until your nails are back to its natural bright white


The 3rd method is to use Whitening Tooth Paste



  • Any whitening toothpaste
  • An old toothbrush


  1. Remove all nail polish from your nails
  2. Wash and then soak your nails in luke-warm soapy water for about 10 to 15 minutes and dry with a clean towel.
  3. Use a cotton bud to apply some petroleum jelly (vaseline) to the area around your finger nails, and your cuticles.
  4. Use an old toothbrush and gently scrub your nails with a little bit of whitening toothpaste and leave it on for 5min before rinsing thoroughly.
  5. Apply your preferred cuticle oil on yours nails and cuticles and finish off with a nourishing hand moisturiser

Do this treatment once a week for best results, until your nails are back to its natural bright white


Certain brand names also have a nail polish remover that has a slight whitening effect.

You can use these each time that you remove your nail polish, to help keep your nails whiter.

Try:   The Clicks brand, available at Clicks pharmacies nationwide


And the last product that I want to mention that you can use when it comes to nail whitening, is Essence Studio Nails Pro White Gloss

Image 4

This is a fast-drying pro white gloss with a special anti-yellow formula. This nail polish not only ensures naturally white nails, but also offers a radiant shine and long lasting gel-finish thanks to its unique texture.

It is specifically for using on its own (not as a base or top coat), when you want to do a natural nail look (no colour), or a French Manicure.

Last Thoughts:

  • Never overdo any of these treatments, as they do have a drying effect on your nails. So no more than once a week!
  • Always moisturise your cuticles, nails & hands after doing these treatments
  • Do not try any of these treatments if you have any broken skin around your nails, as it WILL burn 😛
  • Should you experience any irritation at any time, stop your treatment immediately, and rinse the area under cold water. (I have never had any bad reactions myself, but some people’s skin are more sensitive than others)

Let me know if you know of any other DIY nail whitening treatments not mentioned here. And what worked for you or didn’t work for you! 😉