Cupcakes Nail Art

I know cupcakes on your digits have been around for a long long time now.. But this week was the 1st time that I finally got round to trying out my own creative version 😉


I started with essence peel off base coat, to make sure that my removal of this look would be a little easier. And then 1 coat of Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff, and then carefully painted on thin vertical lines on my tips with Tip Top NailChic – Crushed Grapes.


In between those lines, I then painted the same thickness vertical lines with Tip TopPurple Rein.


Then I used essence nail art freestyle & tip painter – grape metal rocks for thinner lines where the 2 colours come together.


And then I added some more Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff with loops that overlap the lines, for my ‘icing’.


Lastly, I mixed together all the different colours of nail art ‘caviar’ in my collection, and added that on top of the white as mock 100’s & 1000’s 😀


I also used multiple layers of top coat over the ‘caviar’, to ensure they stay in place!

In the end, I thought that may nails reminded me a bit more of icecream than cupcakes… lol… but either way, still super cute 😉

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4 thoughts on “Cupcakes Nail Art

    • Mariaan Enslin says:

      Thank you Katie! 🙂 It didn’t take tooo long.. but It did take a long time to dry, with all the layers of top coat.. So I had to be very careful with my hands for quite some time after… ;P

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