Tiger striped Nail Art with Dark Blue & 4D colour

So here we are again on Nail Art Thursday 😉 And this week I attempted my first Tiger Stripes pattern:


I started off with 2 coats of my new 915 George Blueney by Catrice Cosmetics and 2 coats of Yardley Twist nails 4D colour – Forest Fantasy on my ring fingers as accent nails.


I then used my nail art tool (brush) from essence to paint on my tiger stripes, using the 4D colour on top of my blue nails, and the blue on top of my 4D colour accent nails.

In hindsight, this kinda counteracted my ‘accent nail’ intentions, as they all turned out to look pretty much the same.. but I suppose if you look really carefully, you can see that the ring finger nails are slightly different… lol


I really love this 4D colour polish though, and its a pity that the photos mostly fail to capture all the colour changing properties. 😦 So I guess you guys will just have to go out and try it for yourselves ;P

As my last step, I used Yardly GEL LAC Overcoat as my top coat and carefully painted it on with the direction of my pattern (instead of the normal ‘from base to tip’) to avoid smudging my design..

Let me know what you guys think by liking or leaving a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Tiger striped Nail Art with Dark Blue & 4D colour

  1. saraemacdonald says:

    Your nails look amazing. I can see a bit of the colour changing properties in the stripes. Pretty design.

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