Light Blue & Rhinestones Nail Art

This week I felt a little bit exhausted and unexpired… so my creation for this week is very plain…


I started with my clear base coat and then used scotch tape as a guide to paint my nails with Tip Top Nailchic – Beach Babe, leaving a little unpainted triangle at the base of each nail.


I then painted triangular lines running parallel to the legs of the unpainted triangle, and added some dots attached to the lines, using Yardley Twist nails 4D colour – Forest Fantasy.


Lastly I added some bling with light purple rhinestones at the point of each “triangle”.


I also created a bit of an accent nail, by adding an extra dotted line triangle on my ring finger, as well as an extra rhinestone 🙂

So not very exciting.. but did like this new blue from Tip Top a lot 😉

Catch you guys again next week for (hopefully) a more inspired Nail Art creation!! x

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