Spring Austin Powers Nail Art

In the second week in September, we had an Austin Powers themed Spring day at the office. Which was the inspiration of the nail creation that I am sharing with you today:


I started with my regular clear base coat, and then did the ‘base colours’ on all my nails:

Thumb – Crazy Lime from Top Shine (yellow)

Index finger – Tip Top NailChic – Sherbet Angel

Middle finger – R[EVOL]UTION – Autumn in NY

Pinky finger – Tip Top NailChic – Purple Rein


I then I used Scotch Tape to paint 4 blocks on my ring finger with : 

Crazy Lime from Top Shine (yellow)

R[EVOL]UTION Nail Enamel – Autumn Green

Zoya Professional Lacquer – Diana (red)

R[EVOL]UTION Nail Enamel – Bentley (blue)


Next I did a psychedelic spiral on my middle finger, using Pinky finger – Tip Top NailChic – Purple Rein on top of the Green.


Lastly I added some flowers to my thumb, index & pinky – and carefully tried to write ‘Groovy Baby’ on my middle finger..


A VERY busy and colourful look 😉 but it was a definite hit at our Austin Powers Spring Day!!

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