Striping Tape Latticework Nail Art

This week I have been feeling a bit dark 😦 so my black emotions led me to do a mani that uses black as part of the design, and I decided on this latticework creation:


I started of with a clear base coat, and then painted all my nails with vertical lines using 3 matching colours.


And these are the colours that I used:

Cherry Ice from Ice Box colors

Yardley Twist nails 4D colour – Forest Fantasy

Rimmel London Metal Rush – 60 Royal Blue


Next I taped out a crisscross latticed pattern on all of my nails using striping tape, and then painted over the tape with Ralo Cosmetics – no 115 – matte black polish. Carefully removing the tape before the polish dried, to leave the lattice pattern of the colours beneath.


I also decided to go with a matte top coat for this design.

Hopefully my weekend will turn out to be a little “brighter”…

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Matte Black with Glossy detail Nail Art

This week’s post is no way near as exciting as my Despicable Me Minions from last week.. But I had a really crazy week at work, and I think that just completely sucked out my creative juices… 😛

Any-hooooo, I still wanted to share it with you!


I started with my clear base coat, and a simple black matte polish from Ralo Cosmetics on all my nails.

(PS. I decided to try more of an almond nail shape, just as a bit of a change from my usual square shaped nails.. but I’m not liking them that much, so I will be going back to my square shape again over the next couple of weeks..)


I then used Tip Top NailChic – Crushed Grapes, which is a normal glossy polish, to paint some patterns over the matte black.


Here is a bit more of a closeup..

I also used some of my normal clear topcoat over the Crushed Grapes, to increase the ‘shiny-ness’ so that the contrast between the matte and the glossy patterns would be more prominent.. but capturing this effect on camera, is really super difficult (for me in any case.. ;P ha-ha-ha)


So that’s it for this week folks, see you again next week!!

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Black Nails with Colourful Rhinestones – Nail Art

I’ve had these Rhinestones for the longest time.. So long, that I can’t even remember where I bought them… So when I say it was finally time to use them for a design on my nails, its kind of an understatement… lol


I prepped my nails with my trusty clear basecoat, and then 2 coats of Ralo Cosmetics – no 115 – matte black polish on all of my nails. (I didn’t really have a reason for using a matte polish, other than my regular black polish being a little older->thicker->taking longer to dry..)


I then used my essence dotting tool (wet it with water) to pick up the rhinestones and placed them one by one in a straight line down the middle of my nails, on top of a line of L.A. GirlNail Thickener to stick them down.


I used a different colour & shape for each nail.


I also painted on a line – just over the rhinestones – of the L.A. Girl – Nail Thickener to stick them down some more.


And sealed everything down with 2 coats of Yardley –  GEL LAC Overcoat, allowing  sufficient drying time inbetween each coat.


I paired my ‘nail gems’ with a some costume jewelry for some super bling-bling photos! 😉

I’ve now been wearing this mani for 4 days, and its still perfect, so I’m actually quite impressed with the rhinestones staying on. But now I’m wondering if that means I’m going to struggle when it comes to taking them off… LOL

Tell me about your rhinestones experiences, tips and ideas?! I’d love to hear all about it!

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Midnight Sky – Matte Black and Silver Glitter Nail Art

I know I mentioned a special project that I was going to do this week.. but things were just tooo crazy, so I haven’t quite gotten to it yet. But it will remain on my to-do list for the next couple weeks 😉

So in the meantime I decided to play with opposites by using my matte polish together with some glitter polish, to create a sparkly ‘milky way’ in a black midnight sky:


I started with 2 coats of Ralo Cosmeticsno 115 – matte black polish on all of my nails.


I then did a ‘half-moon’ shape along the bottom curve of my nail and along one side, down to the tip with essence nail art special effect! topper – 11 disco disco.


This is a quick and easy look to do & the effect is very glitz & glam! 😀

I know that I have a 70’s disco salsa party coming up later this year, and the mind-wheels are already turning  – thinking of ideas of how to work this (appropriately named) disco disco polish into mini mirror balls on my nails for the occasion… lol

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Winter is creeping up on us here in South Africa, so I’ll be spending mine mostly indoors, under the covers, and working on some more post!

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Black Studded Stiletto Nail Art

I just Looove my Stilettos! And I know very few ladies who don’t feel the same 😉

So in the spirit of the ‘Shades of Gray’ Theme that had last month, I whipped up a Black Studded Stiletto Nail Art for them, and now you ladies to try out at home:

Main Image

Step 1 – File your nails into the almond shape, as described in my previous article on nail shapes and apply your favourite clear base coat polish.


Step 2 – Use a Matte black nail polish (I used no. 115 from Ralo Cosmetics) and do two full coats on all your nails. Always remember that 2 thinner coats will dry quicker than one thick coat, so as they say, less is more 😉 And allow some drying time between each coat. Eg. I usually start with my right hand, then my right, then I do both feet, so by the time I get back to my right hand, its ready for the second coat.


Step 3 – Use a normal glossy black polish (I used no. 54 from Ralo Cosmetics) and paint a ‘french tip’, but in a V-shape, along the edges of your V-shaped tips. Allow to dry, and then use a clear top coat on that same V-shape for some extra gloss.


Step 4 – I wanted to use actual nail gems for this part, but I couldn’t find any silver studs that were small enough, so I used a silver nail polish (760 Rock the Metal – Rimmel London 60 seconds) to dot on faux silver studs along the glossy V-shape ‘french tip’ with a very thin nail art brush from essence.


And voila! There you have it! Sexy black studded stiletto nails to go with those Gray/silver heels and that little black number…

This was my first matte polish that I’ve bought and used, and I quite enjoyed combining the matte and glossy polishes – giving the look some ‘texture’. Cant wait to play around with some more matte/glossy combinations!!

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