POND’S age miracle™ Dual Action Eye Cream – Product Review

Today we’re looking at the from the Dual Action Eye Cream from the POND’S age miracle™ range:


This dual action formula was developed to effectively target specific signs of ageing in the specific areas surrounding the eye where they appear most often.

For this reason – this dual formula eye cream features two formulations – one to target the signs of ageing in upper eye area, and one to target the lower area:

  • The Pink Upper Eye Cream is enriched with cell boosting collagen and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet for a smooth and lifted look.
  • And the White Under Eye Brightening Cream helps stimulate the skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles to instantly brighten tired looking eyes.

As with most products these days, it is Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The only thing I would’ve liked to see added to this eye cream, is an SPF factor, as I feel that the areas around the eye is ESPECIALLY sensitive to and prone to ageing because of the sun…
But it does list sunshields in its ingredients, so that is something atleast.

The Pink Upper Eye Cream has a very silky, silicon-y texture and the White Under Eye Cream has more of a creamy texture.

It also has a very subtle sweet (like candy) smell, like the other creams in this range.

And the packaging is again very beautiful and durable (I dropped mine a couple of times.. and..  not a scratch on it..  lol)


The POND’S age miracle™ range can be found at department stores and pharmacies like Clicks or Dischem and the 20ml Eye Cream retails for around R140-00.

Final Thoughts: Generally I’m not too keen on any creams that come in a tub, because of the hygiene issue of dunking and “re-dunking” ones fingers into the product.
But for the benefits I get out of this product with the specifically targeted actions, I could live with it 😉


One thought on “POND’S age miracle™ Dual Action Eye Cream – Product Review

  1. ClaireWithTheHair says:

    My mum was a massive pond’s fan, always had pots of their cold creme around the house, think I still see them of some what of a old brand, will have a look for some of this range now however

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