Grey & Turquoise Bling Nail Art

I went to my uncle’s wedding last night, and my Grey & Turquoise outfit for this beautiful event inspired my Nail Art creation for this week 😉


I started with my clear base coat, and then 2 coats of Avon Color Attract magnetic nail polish – Magnetic Metal.

As the name suggests, this is actually a magnetic polish, but I decided to use it just as a normal polish, and you can actually see the little metal bits shimmering like glitter, which is quite pretty.


I then painted my tips in a curved shape that extend up the one side of my nails, using Nail Junkie 096 by SinfulColors Professional.


And lastly I added a little round turquoise rhinestone on the one tip corner of each of my nails, and finished up with my clear top coat for durability and shine.


The Grey & Turquoise combination looked super pretty on my nails!! And I received a lot of compliments on them at the wedding!

Let me know what you guys think by liking, commenting or sharing 😀


8 thoughts on “Grey & Turquoise Bling Nail Art

  1. Grumzz says:

    What a lovely combination!! I love going all out on my nails on special occasions.. I wore a dark blue to a pearly white gradient on my cousin’s wedding, because I had a dark blue/white striped dress 🙂

    • Mariaan Enslin says:

      Thanks Gumzz!! I went searching on your blog for a possible pic of your “cousin’s wedding” nails, but I could’t find any 😦 Special occasions are definitely the best excuse to go all out! 😉

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