Wedding Ribbons Nail Art

So it has finally arrived!! My little sis is getting married this this weekend! And my nail art for this week had to match my bridesmaid’s dress of course 😉

We’ll be wearing slightly off-white dresses, with a white stitched red ribbon, so it inspired these white nails, with the red ribbon (with white stitching):


I started with my clear base coat and 2 coats of Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff.


I then painted a wide-ish strip down the middle of my nails for the ‘ribbons’ using Zoya professional lacquer – Diana.


And then I added the stitching with my a thin nail art brush and Rimmel London – Lycra Nail Tip Whitener.


I think these are going to look awesome with my dress!! 

I will also be doing my sister’s nails for the wedding, but she prefers to go for something plain – as the bride. Look out for a future post on the wedding! I will also be doing the makeup for all the bridesmaids. Woohoooo!

See everyone again next week for some more creative posts! xx


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