Naughts & Crosses Nail Art

A loooong time ago a colleague of mine suggested that I do a Naughts & Crosses design on my nails sometime… and this week – months & months later – I finally got round to playing with this idea 😉 :


I started with my clear base coat, and then 2 coats of 102 from M.O.D Nail Lacquer (white) as my base colour.


I then painted on my Naughts & Crosses with a thin nail art brush, using Tip Top NailChic – Black Forest.


And lastly I added some colour with Zoya Professional Lacquer – Diana, painting on some flowers end dots, that gave the look almost an “Asian feel”.


I know my lines and the naughts & crosses are not super neat, but I was going for that Asian calligraphy kind of look 😉

Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you!!

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