Summer Fun Nail Art

This weekend we will be doing our monthly Bachata & Kizomba workshops on the beach, so I went with a summery fun look for this week 🙂


I started with my clear base coat and a different summery colour for each finger :

index : Givenchy Le Vernis – Croisiere Mat Orange

middle finger : essence colour & go – 137 wanna be your sunshine

ring finger : essence nail art stampy polish – 001 stamp me! white

pinky : essence colour & go – 129 the boy next door


And then I started with my summer details:

On my ring finger – I did a “beach ball” design using the yellow, orange & blue on the white base.

On my middle finger – I did a itsy bitsy teeny weeny polkadot bikini using the blue & white on the yellow base.

On my thumb – I just played with some yellow & orange polkadots on the white base.

And on my index & pinky fingers – I just added a slanted white tip on the orange and blue bases.


Another bright and fun look that was easy to do and definitely gets noticed 😉

Let my know about your favourite summer fun looks?! I would love to hear all about it!

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