Colourful Striped Candy Nail Art

We traditionally celebrate Spring Day in South Africa on the 1st of September each year.

This year, as a little Spring Day present, I received a big round colourful Striped Candy Lolly which inspired this week’s creation 😉


I started with my usal clear base coat and 1 coat of Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff.


I also wanted to add some rough texture to this look, so I painted another thicker coat of Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff, and then used a piece of plastic covered wire, shaped into a spiral, to make a spiral imprint.


I then used the following bight coloured polishes to ‘colour in’ the spiral, using rough striped strokes:

Yardley Quick Dry – Starry Night (blue)

R[EVOL]UTION Nail Enamel – Autumn Green

Crazy Lime from Top Shine (yellow)

Sizzling Flame from Top Shine (orange)

Zoya Professional Lacquer – Diana (red)

And I roughly emphasised the spiral again with my black nail art pen.


Because of the chunky texture, I decided to do a coat of UV Gel Top Coat, to make it a bit more ‘durable’, which added this awesome effect to my mani under UV light!!


Now I have to admit that this was not one of my neatest Nail Art creations… but it definitely brightened up my ‘not quite so Spring-y’ days this week… 😉

Be sure to share your favourite spring nail art looks and colours with me!!

And show some love for this post if you like xx


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