Matte Black with Glossy detail Nail Art

This week’s post is no way near as exciting as my Despicable Me Minions from last week.. But I had a really crazy week at work, and I think that just completely sucked out my creative juices… 😛

Any-hooooo, I still wanted to share it with you!


I started with my clear base coat, and a simple black matte polish from Ralo Cosmetics on all my nails.

(PS. I decided to try more of an almond nail shape, just as a bit of a change from my usual square shaped nails.. but I’m not liking them that much, so I will be going back to my square shape again over the next couple of weeks..)


I then used Tip Top NailChic – Crushed Grapes, which is a normal glossy polish, to paint some patterns over the matte black.


Here is a bit more of a closeup..

I also used some of my normal clear topcoat over the Crushed Grapes, to increase the ‘shiny-ness’ so that the contrast between the matte and the glossy patterns would be more prominent.. but capturing this effect on camera, is really super difficult (for me in any case.. ;P ha-ha-ha)


So that’s it for this week folks, see you again next week!!

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