Kitty Cat Nail Art

I have to firstly say that I saw something like this during my browsings of the internet in search of inspiration for my makeup and nail art creations. So I filed it away in my ‘memory house’ at the time, and decided to give it a go this week 😉


So I started off with my clear base coat & then 2 coats of on all my nails Tip Top NailchicSherbet Angel.


I then scotch taped my nails to paint the tips with Tip top Nailchic – Surfer Girl.


And then the finer fun started.. 🙂 I used Tip Top Nailchic – Cream Puff to do a animal footprint on my middle finger, using a dotting tool.

And then did the Body & Head of my kitty also using the dotting tool, and the Ears & Tail using a thin nail art brush.


When my white kitty was completely dry, I used the same method and Tip Top Nailchic – Black Forest to paint my black kitty.


I also did some smaller black and white footprints on my thumb 🙂 And when the black & white was dry, carefully sealed everything with my Yardley –  GEL LAC Overcoat as my top coat.


I have to be honest and say that I’m actually more of a dog than a cat person.. But I also am an overall animal lover 😉

So for all the cat peeps out there – this one’s for you! x

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