Pretty Purple Waterless Marble Nail Art

Firstly I’m sooo sorry for not sharing my winter white makeup with you guys yet!! I accidentally lost the pics I took of them at the party 😦 So I have to redo the look to take some new photos, and this week has just been tooo crazy 😛

But I will never skip my weekly Thursday Nail Art post! And today I’ve got some pretty purple waterless marble nails for you:


I started off with my normal clear base coat & then a coat of Tip Top NailChic – Surfer Girl on all my nails.


I then randomly dabbed on my 3 colours:

Tip top Nailchic – Surfer Girl

Tip Top Nailchic – Cream Puff

Tip Top Nailchic – Purple Rein

And used a strip of plastic that I cut from a plastic baggie, to ‘press down’, by wrapping it around my nail, and ‘mushing’ the colours into each other.


Which gave this kind of effect 😀

I then followed with my normal Yardley –  GEL LAC Overcoat as my top coat.

A good tip, is to do the dabbing and ‘wrapping’ one nail at a time, because you do not want the polish that you dabbed on to dry too much before you can ‘mush’ them into each other.


I really struggle with the water marbling technique, and maybe I just haven’t practiced enough, or used the right kind of polishes.. But this ‘waterless’ marbling is much easier to do! And relatively less messy 😉

So again.. I plan to to my Winter White Makeup post early next week.. And hopefully I won’t be disappointing you guys again 😉

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