‘Gifappeltjie’ Teal & Green Dotted Nail Art

For some reason, when I did these nails this week, the name “gifappeltjie” just jumped to mind..


The word “gifappeltjie” can be translated as “small poison apple”. This is the Afrikaans word for a plant (of the genus Solanum) which in English, is known by the names “Apple of Sodom”, “Devil’s Apple”, “Poison Apple” and a variety of others.


The little fruit is actually more yellow / orangey when ripe, than green (and in no ways teal… lol), but I just couldn’t get it out of my head, so Gifappeltjie Nails it is! 😉


I started with my clear base coat, and 2 coats of Yardley Quick dry – Aqua Marine


I then used scotch tape to cover about a 1/4 of my nails along the one side (except my ringfinger).


Followed by 2 coats of L.A. Girl color ADDICT nail colour – Urge on the uncovered parts of my nails (except my ringfinger)


I then used my essence dotting tool to make dots of different sizes on top of all the teal parts, including my ringfinger as an accent nail, using the L.A. Girl color ADDICT nail colour – Urge. 


This is a fun & easy look to do! And I can see myself trying it with other colour combinations.. 😉

Let me know what you think? I love hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “‘Gifappeltjie’ Teal & Green Dotted Nail Art

  1. Megan says:

    Love this manicure!! It’s gorgeous! 🙂 Did you unstick the scotch tape before you applied it to your nails because I find it hard to keep the tape from removing my base polish 😦

    • Mariaan Enslin says:

      Thanks Megan! The scotch tape that I use is a cheapy, so not very sticky to begin with.. lol And then I think it is also important to give your base colour as long as possible to dry as much as possible. I did mine the day before I did the taping and all the rest 😉

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