Polish Up Nail Art Challenge – Theme #10 – Fashion inspired : Colour Blocking

And so we come to the last theme for the August Nail Challenge by Beautybulletin.com

Which was… drum roll…  : Inspired by Fashion

And which hot blooded woman would NOT be inspired by these killer heels that I brought back from Paris!!   😉

10. Inspired by Fashion2 - Colour Blocking

I used some scotch tape on the tips to ensure a neat & precise line and painted on two coats of the pink (leaving it to dry between coats) on the rest of the nail.

When this was completely dry, I carefully removed the tape and then neatly painted the tips of my nails with one coat of the darker blue (Top Shine) & then one coat of the ‘lighter’ blue (Ralo cosmetics).

The last step was to dot on the pink colour again, in a curved line on top of the blue tips, to mimic the studs on my stilettos.

(I apologise for the poor quality of the pic above – I think my camera was having a really bad day ;P and my attempts at photo editing didn’t do much to improve it… lol)

These are the 3 polishes that I used:

1.)  Funky Purple by Top Shine (this comes out as a fuchsia pink on the nail, rather than a purple like the name suggests)

2.)  Blue Lightning by Top Shine

3.)  Ralo Cosmetics‘ no 31 (blue)

For the month of November I received a really awesome nail product to review for Beautybulletin.com & I just can’t WAIT to get started on that & to share the outcome with all of you ;D

And then I definitely plan to throw another Salsa Makeup Adventure into the mix this month, as well as one or 2  other surprises…

But I’m not telling – so if you haven’t done so yet… please go click on the Follow/Like button in the widget section on the right of this page, to receive notifications of new posts by email.


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