Polish Up Nail Art Challenge – Theme #6 – Nautical Stripes

Theme no. 6 for the August Nail Challenge by Beautybulletin.com was: Stripes

And I decided to go with a Nautical Stripes feel..

This was a really fun look to do.. and wear.. And I will definitely be sporting these nails again a couple of times during the approaching summer Time in Cape Town 😉

To create this look, I did a full coat of the white on the entire nail & then made use of the ‘scotch tape method‘. applying strips of the tape horizontally, Painting on a coat of the blue polish, & then carefully removing the tape to reveal neat lines of the white. I then painted on the red lines inbetween the red and the blue.

I chose my ring finger as an accent nail, and instead of the red lines, I painted on a red anchor over the blue & white lines.

Here are the 3 colours that I used:

1.)  Sally Hansen‘s Double Duty Top & Base coat (not in the photo)

2.)  Blue Lightning & Pearl White by Top Shine 

3.)  Ralo Cosmetics no 67 (shimmery red)

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